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Blog:  http://morriscountymom.blogspot.com/  Check out my calendar page for updated kid-friendly events in the area.
Twitter:  MorrisCountyMom Residence:  Parsippany Currently: Freelance writing for Patch, as well as proposal/grant and resume writing. Contact me if your resume needs some wordsmithing. I also write tailored cover letters. Samples and references available! Experience:  Proposal manager with over 10 years of experience managing start-to-finish government and private proposals, using writing skills and intestinal fortitude to sell things through bid processes including: HMOs (tough sell), third-party claims processing services (motto-If the first two don't deny it, we will) and, most recently, valves (big, complicated ones).  Politics:  I believe in fairness, equality, common sense and being a thoughtful and thrifty steward of finances.  I will vote for anyone who represents these values. Education: Master of Business Administration from Centenary College and a Bachelor of Arts from the College of St. Elizabeth.
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