Hillary Pennington
My family and I moved to Catonsville just over two years ago and almost immediately felt at home.  The character of this town almost makes me forget that we're only miles from one of the largest cities in America.  First and foremost, I'm married to a chemistry-loving, kayak-paddling built-in handyman. I have three amazing children: a 5 year old boy who attends Kindergarten at Hillcrest, a 3 1/2 year old boy who I believe is more extroverted than me, and an almost 2 year old girl who gives a whole new definition to the word adorable.   Last September, I started a local mom's group called More than Moms.  It's these women that have saved me from many hair pulling days and have challenged me daily to be a better mom.  As much as I love being a mom, it is not my only identity.  Depending on the day, I wear many different hats.  I own my own business helping small businesses and organizations reach their full potential.  I'm a blogger who happens to write on many different topics from politics to mommyhood.  I'm active in my community, serving as president of my neighborhood association and involved in the local political spectrum.  Besides all the things I do, it's important to know a bit about who I am.  First of all, I'm extremely extroverted; I tell it like it is; and I absolutely believe that honesty is the best policy. 
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