Campus Hills Fighting Liquor License at Towson Lanes

The bowling alley is presenting a case to obtain the license at an Oct. 22 liquor board hearing.

Campus Hills Community Association has taken a strong stance against AMF Towson Lanes quest to secure a liquor license.

The county liquor board has scheduled a hearing for the group at 2:20 p.m. Oct. 22 in Room 104 of the Jefferson Building, located at 105 W. Chesapeake Ave.

"Our history with them has not been good," said Tamee Bollinger, an association representative. "They have not been good neighbors."

Bollinger noted that the association and the bowling alley have a long-standing feud spanning several years. She said there are concerns about loitering, trash accumulation, noise, fights and drinking outside the facility. Towson Lanes, located in the 700 block of Southwick Drive, currently has a BYOB policy.

"Our neighbors have been complaining, and we just want to keep the area safe," she said. "This is a residential district not business."

Bollinger said Campus Hills was first alerted to the liquor license request when neighbors were asked to sign a petition in favor of it. The community association has since launched a petition against the initiative. So far, about 100 signatures have been collected.

Douglas Meister, an attorney for Towson Lanes, said the association's complaints are unfounded—at least in connection with the bowling alley.

"We don't really know what they're pointing out when they make these claims," Meister said. "Maybe there's something going on because neighbors are complaining, but it may not be coming from AMF."

Meister said he has personally reviewed tapes outside the facility and found "nothing." He also mentioned that management is active in keeping the property clean.

He noted that there were police calls made about the bowling alley four to 5 years ago, but the calls were generally about false alarms.

"We've switched security companies recently and the number of calls have dropped dramatically," he said.

Meister also pointed out that there haven't been direct complaints from neighbors, and board members from Campus Hills declined to meet with him.

Bollinger refuted those claims.

"We are open to discussion and to working with [Towson Lanes]," she said. "Our demands are simple: we just want the area to be safe."

Towson Lanes represenatives are meeting with fifth district Councilman David Marks to discuss the issue in the coming weeks. Marks has voiced his support for Campus Hills, noting that his wife grew up in the community and has also expressed concerns about the activity at the bowling alley.

"We want to work out how [Towson Lanes and Campus Hills] can co-exist," Marks said.


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