VIDEO: Watch This Highly Trained Dog's Relentless Attack on Officer

Think you could escape from the Baltimore County Police Department's K-9 unit? Think again.

There was no blood spilled but there was "a little bit of pain involved."

The trip to the Martin State Airport Saturday to learn about its aviation, marine, K-9 and SWAT units was an adventure. 

We heard from pilots about the air program, which was founded in 1983 by Roy Taylor, an officer and WBAL Channel 11 sky team reporter who rented his Cessna 150 to police for $1 a year in order to kick-start the program.

We also got a lesson from Cpl. Dave Garner of SWAT, or the Special Weapons and Tactics team, who brought along field equipment and Raven the SWAT dog. Marine officers explained their conditions as they work year round. 

Perhaps the most exciting parts of the day, however, involved the K-9 unit presentation, which included a waggly young bloodhound named Bella and a live demonstration of K-9 training.

K-9 handler, Officer Matt Davies, is the one being attacked, and the one doing the yelling. See the video for the full impact of a relentless trained dog.

DCMerkle May 16, 2011 at 02:13 PM
I remember that one. I was just blown away at the speed that the dog that they were using, took off with across the tarmac with. I'm a big animal lover and the pride that I felt for that animal and the handler was just too much for words.


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