Several Sickened in Formaldehyde Spill At Essex Haunted House

An apparent formaldehyde spill at an Essex haunted house led hazmat crews to the scene.

Several people fell ill after what police say was a formaldehyde spill at an Essex haunted house on Friday night.

A police spokesman said police and fire crews, including a hazardous material cleanup crew, were called to Kim's Krypt in the 400 block of Eastern Boulevard at 9:14 p.m.

An unspecified number of people at the haunted house had fallen ill and several had vomited after what fire crews discovered was a formaldehyde spill. According to police, the formaldehyde was in a small glass jar that had been knocked over by a visitor at the haunted house. Police said later that six juvenile employees were taken to area hospitals for observation.

The house was cleared while hazmat crews cleaned up the spill.

Saturday is the final scheduled day for Kim's Krypt.

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