OPINION: How Do You Feel About Constitutional Carry?

Campaign For Liberty Baltimore County will discuss Second Amendment rights and will be proposing a bill for the Maryland General Assembly Wednesday night in Timonium.

How strongly do you feel about the Second Amendment

If your answer triggered an emotionally charged response then the is the . 

Local constitutional rights activism group Campaign For Liberty, Baltimore County, will be discussing Constitutional Carry laws, as well as the prospect of proposing a new bill for the Maryland General Assembly. 

Constitutional Carry, or as some call it "unrestricted carry," makes it legal for law-abiding citizens to carry openly or concealed fireams with or without state permits.  

"Wear an empty holster, or slide a pocket constitution into an empty holster in order to support this issue at our event," reads the last line of the "Constitutional Carry With Paul Dembowski" Facebook event. 

Paul Dembowski, president of Maryland Shall Issue, will be the featured speaker.

But Patch wants to know: Where do you stand on Constitutional Carry laws?

Currently, four states permit carrying a legal firearm (almost without restriction): Alaska, Arizona and Vermont and Wyoming, according to the National Association For Gun Rights. 

To better frame this debate, view the group's FAQs section here

DCMerkle December 07, 2011 at 04:43 AM
Mr. Saffery, Choosing not to own a firearm is my Constitutional right also. It is also my right to let those that are trained in handling firearms such as a police officer or soldiers to protect me. I do not see any of my statements as going against the law or the constitution. The Constitution is like the bible; it's interpreted to one's own needs or point of view. In your case it's warped.
Rick Saffery December 07, 2011 at 04:45 AM
@Sean, I believe I perceived your point-of-view on firearms correctly as one related to the immediacy of consequence. You're certainly not alone in holding such view. That's the nature of any implement used to inflict damage. It's true for knives, swords, arrows, machetes, firearms or baseball bats. It's also true for fists, feet and elbows. To deny a free citizen the right to use a device of their choosing to defend themselves or their belongings presents a moral hazard. You place them at the mercy of mobs and those of greater strength, speed and unarmed fighting ability. There's never any justification for doing this. No law, however well intended or crafted, will ever prevent someone from doing another grave physical harm. Law enforcement has no obligation to protect you nor your property from damage. These truisms bolster the need for people to reclaim an obligation to defend themselves that they shouldn't have delegated to others.
Bart December 07, 2011 at 04:59 AM
It's people like these who have given "Liberty" and "Patriot" a bad name. Heaven help us all. Look out for the black helicopters.
Rick Saffery December 07, 2011 at 05:22 AM
Mr. Armstrong your personal jabs would be amusing were they not so sophomoric. Please consider breaking this conversational habit you've adopted. I'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt in having achieved a slightly higher level of maturity than what you've demonstrated on this forum. I cannot speak for MSI nor can you. Come to the meeting if you want to hear what Mr.Dembowski has to say.
Rick Saffery December 07, 2011 at 05:51 AM
Ms. DCMerkle, you're correct in that you may choose not to defend yourself nor your property as you see fit. But, we'll have to agree to disagree that you don't have a right to abdicate what is your duty of self-preservation to others. I don't doubt for a moment you desire that outcome. It's just not constitutionally prescribed. Neither LEO nor soldiers have any legal nor moral justification for protecting you. I'm a former infantry soldier. I took an oath only to protect and defend the constitution and to obey the lawful orders of the officers and NCOs above me. That said, Ms.DCMerkle can you elaborate specifically what is warped about my crystal clear perspective? I mean beyond the fact you disagree with it.


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