New Bike Route Planned for Catonsville

Path developed with Catonsville Rails to Trails will enable cyclists to ride from Frederick Road to UMBC campus, MARC Halethorpe Station.

Baltimore County officials unveiled a plan to develop a spur of the Short Line Trail into a bicycle route that will allow riders to travel from Frederick Road to .

County Executive Kevin Kamenetz announced a $100,000 design grant from the Maryland Bikeways Program, part of the Governor's Cycle Maryland Initiative, to develop the trail.

The Short Line Trail is a path about two miles long that straddles the Beltway, the remaining trace of a railroad line that meandered through Catonsville and Paradise to the main line near Loudon Park Cemetery, according to Catonsville Rails to Trails.

As envisioned, the bicycle route would follow Mellor Avenue from Frederick Road, down Asylum through a tunnel beneath Bloomsbury Avenue that CRTR will restore, and along Spring Grove property to Valley Road, leading to UMBC.

The route is a link in a through the area that will connect Catonsville and Arbutus, along with destinations such as the Catonsville High School, MARC Halethorpe Station, Bloomsbury Community Center, Wilkens Beltway Plaza and Charlestown Retirement Community.

Earlier this year, to designate bicycle lanes on Edmonson Avenue. In January of this year, the to develop a bicycle route from UMBC through Arbutus to the MARC Halethorpe Station.

County officials did not provide a timetable for design and development of the Catonsville-UMBC bicycle route.

jon posner August 28, 2012 at 10:53 AM
HORAY - this will put the bike trail right past my house and I am very excited. This path will make it more realistic to cycle with my kids to lurman theater, to main street, to take my son to school, and more. Thank you Catonsville Rails to Trails!
S August 28, 2012 at 11:11 AM
"County Executive Kevin Kamenetz announced a $100,000 design grant" and "county officials did not provide a timetable for design and development of the Catonsville-UMBC bicycle route." Great idea but wonder if this will ever happen.
Maureen Sweeney Smith August 28, 2012 at 09:50 PM
Catonsville Rails To Trails is working hard to get the Catonsville Short Line trail up and running including the design for the tunnel. I think in 2-3 years, the tunnel will be a reality!
Cal Oren August 29, 2012 at 09:50 PM
Bike lanes are what happen when political correctness outweighs common sense. Our roadways, which in many cases are over 100 years old, are not designed to safe accommodate two extra lanes, and you don't make them safer by simply painting more lines. To see what I mean, check out Edmondson Ave. just east of Catonsville where it crosses into Baltimore City. The roadway in the Baltimore County portion is exactly the same width, but hasn't (yet) been foolishly re-striped to try to squeeze in two lanes of bicycle traffic. As soon as you cross the boundary into the city, notice 1) how many cars are hugging the left curb to avoid driving in the bike lane, and 2) how many actual bicycles are actually using these lanes? The answer to both is always zero. On the other hand, Rails to Trails creates really excellent community trails (safely protected from automobile traffic) that can be used by bicyclists as well as skateboarders, dog walkers, people in wheelchairs, runners and walkers. The sensible policy is to quite pushing dangerous, unused bicycle lanes, and build more general-use community trails, as Catonsville Rails to Trails has been doing for years.


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