Comment: Robberies ‘scary for a sleepy little town such as ours.’

Baltimore County readers react to the news of the week.

Baltimore County readers took their thoughts this week to Patch, commenting most on stories about the , , , which includes an incident in which police said a .  

Parents: sat in same place for the parade 1969-2003. Offspring: moved everything two blocks west and to the opposite side of Frederick Road.” – Bob Cross

I wouldn't buy a used car from Romney...not even if he wore a cowboy hat. Republicans, in general, have behaved reprehensibly. It's time middle class Americans gained power over Big Business. We see where Bush's "Trickle-Down" theory got us!” – Ron Wise

“I'd be a lot less concerned about these recent robberies if they were connected. The fact that they're not believed to be means there are even more criminals out there, they're getting closer, and they're getting pretty bold. That's kind of scary for a sleepy little town such as ours.” – ddbs00

"This kind of stuff is absolutely disgusting. Harming a defenseless animal that probably couldn't even defend itself. I hope that the vet bills aren't too much that the owner is unable to pay them. Please post any follow up, in the event that the community can help to raise any funds." -  Zach Egolf


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