A Peek At The Class Schedule

The 30th Baltimore County Citizens Police Academy offers a range of classes, from hands-on training at the shooting range to presentations on hostage negotiation and violent crimes.

Fortunately for me, the Baltimore County Citizens Police Academy allows for three absences before students are disqualified from graduating from the program. For what I hope to be the only time, I was absent from class last night. I missed presentations on internal affairs and an introduction to crime analysis.

But I'm not empty-handed. Here's the breakdown of the rest of the classes I have to look forward to:

  • March 22: Gangs, residential security and youth and community resources.
  • March 29: Calls for service, patrol procedures and scenarios, use of force, shooting police and live fire (Session No. 1). *At training academy range.
  • April 5: Calls for service, patrol procedures and scenarios, use of force, shooting police and live fire (Session No. 2). *At training academy range.
  • April 12: Forensic art and CSI.
  • April 19: Passover—no class. 
  • April 27: Traffic law and stops, radar, DUI laws and accident investigation.
  • May 3: Criminal investigations, firearms interdiction team and the violent crimes unit.
  • May 10: Economic crimes, Internet safety and the sex offender registry.
  • May 14: Support operations, aviation and marine team, K-9 unit and the tactical unit. *At state airport.
  • May 17: Courts and communications center. *At courthouse.
  • May 24: Hazardous devices team and narcotics identification and investigation.
  • May 31: Mobile crisis team and the hostage negotiation team.
  • June 7: Police department update and citizen leadership.
  • June 14: Graduation.

Check back next week for another class recap. Have any questions relating to gangs, residential security or youth and community resources? Let me know in the comments below.


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