Baltimore County Death Notices through Sept. 14

Below are links to obituaries as listed by several funeral homes in Baltimore County.


Click on the name of the deceased to read the full obituary and/or to submit online condolences.


Sterling Ashton Schwab Witzke Funeral Home of Catonsville, Incorporated  (Catonsville)

Location: 1630 Edmondson Ave, Catonsville

Phone: 410-744-8600      

Edward Joseph Gurney died Sept 10.  He was 63.

Joan McMann died Sept. 11. She was 81.

David Lamar Michel died Sept. 11.  He was 86.

Margery C. Braun of Catonsville died Sept. 3.  She was 90.

Elizabeth B. Napierski of Baltimore died Sept. 6.  She was 90.

Michael McGarity of Arbutus died Sept. 6.  He was 68.


Craig Witzke Funeral Care (Catonsville)

Location: 9 Newburg Ave, Catonsville

Phone: 443-830-0310


No new obituaries listed at this time.


Sol Levinson & Bros. Funeral Home (Pikesville)

Location: 8900 Reisterstown Road

Phone: 410-653-8900

Bernice S. Fried died Sept. 11.

Jerome Polansky died Sept. 12. 

Dorothy Kempner died Sept. 13. 

Leopold Knable died Sept. 13. 

Raye Weinberg died Sept 12. 

Carol Blum of Pikesville died.  Her funeral was held Sept. 11.

Jack Goldstein died Sept. 8. 

Morton H. Offit died Sept. 9. 

Scott Jacob Rappaport died Sept. 10. 


Eckhardt Funeral Chapel (Owings Mills)

Location: 11605 Reisterstown Road, Owings Mills

Phone: 410-356-7676

Elaine P. Frederick of Reisterstown died Sept. 9.  She was 84.

Francis William Johnson, III of Manchester died Sept. 9.  He was 66.

Jane Hogan of Westminster, formerly of Owings Mills died Sept. 7.  She was 92.

Thelma Isabelle Howard of Reisterstown died Sept. 7.  She was 82.


Eline Funeral Homes (Reisterstown)

Location: 11824 Reisterstown Road, Reisterstown

Phone: 410-833-1414

Dorothy Ann Weller of Manchester died Sept. 13.  She was 85.

Charles Andrew Born of Reisterstown died Sept. 9.  He was 45.

John Philip Henrich of Hanover died Sept. 8.  He was 70.


Ambrose Funeral Home (Arbutus)

Location: 1328 Sulphur Spring Rd., Arbutus

Phone: 410-242-2211

Grace Adele Scales died Sept. 13.  She was 87.

Tom Wadford died Sept. 7.  He was 63.

Norma Valentine March 24, 2013 at 04:39 PM
I am trying to verify death of William K. Lawrence in 1999 at age 51. He was an old friend I lost contact with until I came across old letter. Led me to believe he is deceased? Norma J. Valentine email: stilton503@gmail.com Please help!


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