Comment: ‘A Very Serious Revolution is Needed’

Baltimore County readers comment on the news of the week.

Readers took their comments to Baltimore County sites this week, commenting most on stories on the , and a bill that would change how

Not the attorney I would ever hire…for anything. He calls a news conference and has her behind him just to say, 'leave her alone'. Who hides a lottery ticket in the store where 15 of her co-workers gave her money to pool their chances of winning? Soon this lady will say the ticket is missing. Her 15 minutes are up.” - Ruffin

"Can you say GREED and PRICE GOUGING, boys and girls?" - Chelsea Willis

 “Excellent. This issue has been delayed for far too long. Six years, if I am not mistaken. Regardless of how each legislator votes, it’s high time that the citizens of Baltimore County learn exactly where their legislators stand on this issue and be given an opportunity to hear the recorded reasons for or against a change in the composition of the school board. Most citizens cannot afford to comb the halls of Annapolis and have been relying on word-of-mouth, direct legislator contact, credible reporters and less-than-credible sources to find out their positions. I look forward to reading about the votes today and then listening to the proceedings when they are posted.” - K Blue

: "As it stands, Obama will get another four years because the Republicans can't seem to get their collective heads out of their rear ends with some positive direction for our country. We will continue being screwed by both parties equally. I think that a very serious revolution is needed at this point in history, our country has never been in this bad shape before." - Buck Harmon


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