Ravens Pride is Evident in Purple Pizza, Cupcakes and More

Area restaurants, eateries and shops show their "purple pride" ahead of Sunday's game.

From purple pizza to purple candy, area shops and eateries are showing their Purple Pride ahead of Sunday's Ravens game.

At , store employees turned the white pizza into a purple pizza with some red and blue food coloring. The store had the pizza available on Thursday and will have it through the weekend and available for Sunday's game.

If you're looking for a sweet snack for your house party for Sunday's game, you can pick up Milkies candies in white, black and purple at . The candies are like M&Ms. The store also has about one pound of dark chocolate balls wrapped in purple foil left.

will have it's signature Ravens cupcakes, which are chocolate with purple vanilla buttercream all weekend. There will also be hearty soups available.

If you're near Elkridge on Friday, you could also swing by . and pick up purple-frosted cupcakes, which have been a hit all season.

And if you're looking for a place to watch the game on Sunday, in Catonsville will have their Sunday buffet special for $11 as well as a 55-cent wing special. If you're at the bar when the Ravens score a touchdown, one of the bartenders will serve you a Ravens shooter, which is purple of course.

Do you know of a Ravens special in the area?


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