PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Hurricane Sandy in Lutherville-Timonium (UPDATED)

Post your own photos and videos here! Show us what's going on where you live.

Add your photos and videos to our Neighborhood Gallery simply by clicking the upload buttons above and below the featured image. 

Assignment Lutherville-Timonium:

Take photos and videos of the following: 

  • Your emergency ration (bread, toilet paper, water, etc) 
  • A downed tree limb (don't forget to tell us where) 
  • Flooding 
  • The Best way to keep calm during the storm
  • A brave, open business 
  • A business that you didn't know was closed
  • Kids having fun in the rain (before it gets too harsh) 
  • Car damage 
  • The view from window
  • A video of your pet reacting to the storm 
  • Someone doing a good deed 
  • Other (Surprise us, but keep it classy.) 
  • A snapshot of the Lutherville Volunteer Fire Company
  • Empty grocery store shelves. 

 Reminder: Do not put yourself in a dangerous situation just to get a photo or a video. We encourage readers and site users to share what they are seeing to help neighbors and others understand what is happening and where help is needed. 

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