Do Not Plow or Shovel into the Street and Other Snow Tips

Baltimore County government offers tips on dealing with snow.

Credit: royaloak.patch.com
Credit: royaloak.patch.com
By Wednesday morning snow records in towns across Maryland will have been broken thanks to a storm that will hit the area Tuesday. When it's safe to start clearing the snow, keep these tips from Baltimore County government in mind. 

  • Do not tailgate snowplows - stay at least two car lengths behind. Never cut between a caravan of plows clearing the highway.
  • Beware of "black ice" where roads may appear to be wet, but are actually glazed with ice.
  • Do not plow or shovel snow into the street - this is illegal and can create a safety hazard, and it can result in that same snow being pushed back in front of your driveway.
  • If you shovel your driveway before the plow comes through, always shovel to the right (facing the street).
  • Don't park on the street unless absolutely necessary.
  • You can help avoid potential flooding by clearing snow and ice around storm drains.
  • Clear snow and ice around fire hydrants in case of emergency.
Want more information about snow plowing in Baltimore County? Check out this Snow Fighter webpage


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