Church Places Recycling Bin on Frederick Road

Church members hope people will use it.

Along Frederick Road in downtown Catonsville, there are plenty of trash cans to put your trash, but not really places for recycling.

The community of noticed that and decided to do something about it.

Pastor David Asendorf noticed one day when he was picking up trash outside the church that most of the items were bottles and cans.

Salem member Christy Davis decorated the can, which has been outside since Sunday.

So far, about 15 items have been put in the can, which is located outside the church at 905 Frederick Road.

Asendorf said he hoped the idea would catch on with other local businesses or property owners along Frederick Road.

Emily Lowe August 05, 2011 at 02:27 PM
I love this! Creative and useful, but not a bit preachy. :)


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